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Pamporovo - Simpy Beautiful

Most people who had the chance to visit the Rhodope mountain in Bulgaria fall in love with it forever. And Pamporovo is surely the pearl of the mountain, offering extremely beautiful nature, warm and hospitable people and live nightlife.

Although the present skiing season in Bulgaria can't boast with loads of snow, Pamprovo is one of the sites with excellently maintained ski slopes suitable for exiting skiing holiday.

We highly recommend you to hit the slopes as early in the...

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Winter tale in Pamporovo

It was February winter evening in the pretty Rodopean town Chepelare. The snow was falling gently on the cold ground and I was extremely happy because I imagined the rounded peaks of Rodope Mountain, covered with snow and the ski pistes of the magnificent resort Pamporovo, full of skiers. I checked in the hotel and I went in my room waiting anxiously for the next day. And the morning was just what I wanted to be. I was wakened by the sun, whose beams had managed to make their way through the...

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