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Parshevitsa – the Hidden Gem of the Northwest

Kamelia Krumova

Heavy snowfalls surprised all skiers and snowboarders in Bulgaria, from the beginning of December. The perfectly maintained snow cover attracted many tourists to all ski resorts in the country.

Friday last week was the last official working day of the past year and we decided to celebrate the short break before the start of the new working year somewhere else. We chose the northwestern part of Bulgaria.

Little is known about the tourism attractions in the northwest, which is great for us, as we were looking for the perfect getaway. One week before, I made a short survey of the skiing sites, along the E79 road to Vidin. As we already announced the skiing season in Kom resort, near Berkovitsa has already started and there was a good chance to find what we were looking for. However, I craved so much to go somewhere I have never been before.

And my salvation came from a fellow skier from Vratsa – Vladi, who told us that the Parshevitsa ski slope is perfectly maintained and the drag lift is already operating. The idea was brilliant as Vratsa is right on our way and Parshevitsa is some 15 km up in the mountain.

We packed our luggage, waxed the skies and started our journey early in the morning, and in less than a couple of hours we reached Vratsa. The town is actually a famous tourism destination as the Vratsa rocks are literally woven in the architectural vision of the town. The local cliffs are attractive site for many alpinists, para gliding and hang gliding lovers. Ledenika cave is also just 15 km away from the city.

The road to the Pershevitsa site is decent and well maintained and offers magnificent view towards the vertical cliffs of the Vratsa Balkan. Once you reach the top, you will be able to completely feel the fairy atmosphere of the mountain. No wonder that recently the local tourism centre has built a theme eco pathway called the Forest Fairytale Path. The mountain near Vratsa offers a total number of three eco trails, built and maintained by local volunteers.

We passed a picturesque meadow with exceptional view towards the mountain and headed to the ski zone, followed by several very attractive hotels, scattered along the road and then we finally reached the Parshevitsa ski slope. An attractive chalet and a dairy farm Pershevitsa welcomed us in the ski zone. One ski slope for beginners and one for intermediates provided perfectly maintained snow cover.

The sun was gently caressing the highest part of the ski slope as we waited for the drag lift to take us to the top. Once we got there we were amazed by the incredible beauty of the site. Everything huddled under the heavy snow with the sun beams playing on the white snowy carpet. Children laughing and playing in the snow and lovers cheerfully chasing each other on the slope filled the air with a cheerful clamour.

As a whole the site is perfect even for a longer holiday, as the mountain offers numerous activities for all year round recreation. Pershevitsa site is also very attractive destination for weekend tourism, as it is very close to big administrative centers, like Vratsa and even Sofia.

At the end of the day we felt a little bit tired and decided to continue our way to Vidin, which was our final destination for the New Year’s celebrations. Once we got in the car we felt so exhilarated by the unforgettable day spend in the Pershevitsa site and we promised ourselves to come back again.

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