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Pavel Banya

Location: The balneological resort Pavel Banya is situated in the central part of Kazanlak valley at the northern foothills of Sredna Gora Mountain. The town is 185 km east of Sofia and 22 km west of Kazanlak. Pavel Bania is 350 m above the sea level.

Balneology: There are 7 mineral springs in the region, giving the town popularity of balneological resort of national and international significance. The mineral waters have the temperature ranging between 49° and 56° C. The resort has been specialized in the treatment of degenerative and inflammatory orthopedic diseases of the locomotor system of the peripheral system and of the spinal cord.

History: The archeological finds in the region prove that the mineral waters had been used as far back as Roman times. The present day settlement was founded immediately after the liberation in 1878. It was named after the fist governor of Kazanlak, Pavel Popovich. He had settled near the existing baths and he helped the local people to establish a settlement. About 130 houses were built within 24 hours.

Sightseeing: The “Holy Virgin” church, the Fountain and the monument of the Unknown Soldier are the sites in the town of cultural and historical significance. The world famous opera singer Todor Mazarov was born in Pavel Banya. There is a monument built of his honour. Many folklore customs and rituals are kept in region.

Vicinities: The waters of “Izvora” (the Spring), 2 km south of the resort, have a healing effect on the secretory system. The village of Touriya is situated 4 km south of Sapareva Bania. The visitors can see the house museum of the great satiric writer Choudomir where the “Nashentsi” Ethnographic exhibition is exposed.



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