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History: Pavlikeni is another small Bulgarian town with great history from the Late Paleolithic age. Archeologists have found a Thracian landowner villa, together with a majour ancient centre of pottery making, dating back from the 2d and 4th century. It is considered that the town’s name come from its first settlers – Bavlykian and Pavlikyan, who came from the southern parts of Bulgaria.

Sightseeing: one of the majour tourism sites in the town is the Museum of History.

The art gallery is also an interesting site to visit when coming to town. There is also a zoo nearby the town.
Spa and Balneology: Pavlikeni Municipal offers 32 mineral springs, but 15 of them are not well developed. The mineral water in Pavlikeni has proved healing qualities. There are several hotel complexes which offer spa and balneology services.



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