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Church near Krakra Fortress Unites Three Ages

Standart Daily

The town of Pernik keeps the secret of ancient Thrace. The town’s destiny is to write the history of the Hellenistic period, because it is one of the very few places in Bulgaria with still unearthed remnants from that late period. In a necropolis in Kulata countryside have been unearthed silver treasure, bronze coins and amphorae, Vassilka Paunova – director of the regional Museum Of History announced.

A couple of days ago archaeologists found a Celtic sword in one of the mounds. They have found remnants of a young man, probably a high ranking soldier. He was burned on a pyre mounted on his horse with a sword, a spear and a lot of objects. The findings give us important information about the way of life in III-II century B.C., experts explain.

Unique temple is buried under the fortress of Krakra from Pernik (11-th century feudal lord in southwestern Bulgaria). During thousands of years three churches were built one over the other. The first was built in 6-th century. On its ruins in 14 c. the local people had built a new church and at the end of 19-th century was restored the old church.
Because of the distinctive church and the great number of artifacts, found in the region experts define the place below Krakra fortress as ‘The Pernik Perperikon’.



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