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Sourvakars chased away the evil in Pernik

Kamelia Krumova

The residents of tens of villages in Penik, Radomir, Zemen and Kovachevitsa regions had a magical weekend. According to the tradition during the night between 13th and 14th January the magic of sourva gathers masked people in the region. Hundreds of torches illuminated the night, fires were lighted to burn all the evil, thunderous noise of heavy belles and scary masks chased away the evil.

One of the most impressing events was held in Gabrov dol village. Dancers form the popular dance formation “Masters of the dance” also participated in the event. The old koukers symbolically passed the tradition to their ancestors.

A traditional wedding ritual – graovska wedding – was presented by the dancers from the “Masters of dance” formations.
The high spirit of the event was supported by a beautiful wedding horo dance. The midnight sky was then illuminated by the lights of hundreds of torches from an impressive torch procession. A powerful ding from hundreds bells echoed in the night and chased away the bad spirits. The scary masks danced their crazy horo dance. At the end everyone threw their torches in the fire, which lighted the darkness.
Early in the morning the sourvakars made a round through all houses in the village to wish health and good crop.



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