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Location: Petrich is situated in the most south-western part of Bulgaria, 13 km from Kulata customs point, at the Greek boundary and 20 km away from Zlatarevo, at the frontier line with Macedonia. Nestled in the northern foothills of Belasitsa Mountain, Petrich is found 189 km away from the capital city of Sofia.

History: In ancient times Petrich used to be the land of the Thracian-Roman settlement Petra. It was a defensive stronghold, which was found there to protect the middle flow of Struma River. Later the settlement was captured by the Slavs, who actually gave the present name of the town. During the Ottoman Rule Petrich was a typical Turkish town, but after the Bulgarian Revival Period it became a trade and craftsman centre.

Sightseeing: The visitors of Petrich can visit the Museum of History, the St. Holy Mother Church, built in 1857 and stated a cultural monument. Other churches of interest are St George and St. Nikola Churches.

Vicinities: Samuil Fortress, which is a national museum, is situated 18 km from Petrich. Only 10 km north of the town is the famous area, called “Rupite”. The site is known for its mineral water springs and as a memorial sacred place of the popular prophet Vanga. In her honour St. Petka Church was built. Near Petrich the balneological resort Marikostinovo is located as well. It is famous for its curative mud.

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