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When Khan Asparuh, the founder of Bulgaria, crossed the Danube river he was astonished by the thick forests, wide green meadows and pure rivers and he pledged “Here Bulgaria will stand” After the great battle with Byzantine Empire in 681 Bulgarians won their right to settle these lands and they built the first capital of Bulgaria - Pliska.

Pliska is situated 404 km north - east of Sofia. It is one of the most impressive monuments of the medieval architecture. There was sewerage and heating systems. The visitors can see partial rebuilding of the fortress walls, surrounding the exterior city. At each corner there was a trapezium - shaped tower. You can also see the ruins of the Grand Palace, built by Khan Omurtag. This is the best preserved building in the interior city and there was the throne-room as well. The Small Palace was the most representative building in town and it was the private residence of Bulgarian Khans.

Pliska is the place where Christianity was adopted in 865 under the reign of Prince Boris. The Grand Basilica is about 1.5 km north - east of the interior city. It was erected by Prince Boris. There was the place where he became a monk after his retirement in favor of his son Vladimir – Rasate, who tried to turn back the pagan religion. His father punished him as he putted out his eyes and made his brother Simeon ruler of Bulgaria. The time of Simeon’s government is known as the “Golden Age” in history.

Nowadays Pliska is small village and the standing ruins are the only proof of the previous might of the ancient town. But everyone should visit Pliska to feel the glorious past of Bulgaria.

Photos from Pliska


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