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Flights from Plovdiv to Prague for 1 Euro

Kamelia Krumova, 12 April 2010, information by news.bg

At least 5 municipalities have already voted the funds for the development of “Plovdiv airport”, as the southern gate of Bulgaria, announced the regional cousil Mr. Ivan Totev.

Plovdiv airport has announced 50% discount of the airport taxes for two years, which will transform it into an attractive site for low cost air companies.

The head of one of the biggest air companies “Ryan air” - with 63 million passengers annually will arrive in Plovdiv on 17th May.

This would be a new passengers float for the country and it won't affect the traffic on the other airports.

According to Ivan Totev, the easiest and cheapest way to travel is by plane. We will transform the airport into a profitable enterprise with opportunity to develop business parks in close vicinity. The development of high technologies and tourism is the economy chance of Plovdiv.

“Ryan air” has estimated that the service of one passenger on Plovdiv airport would cost 18 Euro. The 50% discount will compensate 10 Euro, and the other 8 Euro will be supported by the regional fund for the development of the airport. Over 20 municipalities from Plovdiv and Smolyan have applied to participate in the fund.

Ryan air announced 1 million promo tickets to Prague for 1 Euro.

The municipality is one of the initiators of this fund.
Although the airport is owned by the government, we are interested in its prosperity, in order to develop the economy in Plovdiv and the region as an attractive tourism destination, announced the mayor Slavcho Atanasov.



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