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Ryanair launches flights to Plovdiv

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The Bulgarians can now fly from Plovdiv to London's Stansted Airport for just 33 euro, as Irish low-cost carrier Ryanair has included the airport in Bulgaria's second largest city in its flight destinations. The first flight from Plovdiv to London is scheduled for November 2. Ryanair will carry out two Plovdiv-London flights a week. The airliner's management expects annual turnover of over 30,000 passengers. The new airline will also open thirty job positions.
"This is the first visible result of our decision to lower by half Plovdiv Airport's charges and fees," said Deputy Transport Minister Kamen Kichev.
"Our goal was to attract big air carriers, we've just achieved it," he added.

To celebrate the opening of its new airline London-Plovdiv-London, Ryanair has offered eight-euro tickets for all of its destinations in the period September-November 2010. The cheap flights could be booked by August 5, 2010.



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