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A modern zoo with aquarium will entertain guests in Plovdiv

VisitBulgaria.net, June 17, 2013

The biggest aquarium in Bulgaria will be constructed in Plovdiv, together with the expansion and improvement of the local zoo. The facility will be built in two phases.

The first stage involves the expansion and improvement of the cells and the space of the existing facilities.
The second stage envisages the construction of a glass aquarium with sizes 22 to 10 meters. Preferences of the municipality are the aquarium, which is expected to be the largest in Bulgaria, will be inhabited by marine species, including sharks.
It is expected the new zoo, which price will be around 6 million levs, to be launched in early 2014, when the first phase will start.
By late summer of 2015 should be completed the work on the second stage, with which to finish the entire facility.



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