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Location: Pravets is a small town situated 11 km east of Botevgrad. It is situated just 50 km Norteast of Sofia, and is easy accessible along the Hemus highway. Sofia Airport is just 30 minutes away by car.
Pravets has a population of just 2500 people.
The town is surrounded by the beautiful hills and forests of the picturesque “Stara Planina” mountain.
Close to the town there is a large artificial lake. It has always been the emblem of the town and provides ample opportunities for water sports and fishing.

Climate: Pravets is 420 m above the sea level. Winters are usually mild and summers – pleasant, ideal for a relaxing holiday, away from the big city, all year round.

History: Pravets is the birthplace of Todor Zhivkov - ex. Prime Minister of the National Republic of Bulgaria.
The Pravets region is famous for its traditional architecture and culture heritage. The st. Theodor Tiron Moanstery and the Etropole Monastery – Holy Trinity are located about 3-10 km away from the town, following the road to Etropole.
The popular Glozhene Monastery is also just 45 km away.



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Properties in Sofia by Suprimmo.net