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2011/10/03 11:31:34

3 million BGN will be invested in the tourism industry of Veliki Preslav

The main goal of the project is to transform the town into an attractive tourism destination.

Three million BGN will be invested in the development of culture-history tourism in Veliki Preslav.

This was announced by the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works – Lilyana Pavlova opened a brand new station for waste waters in Veliki Preslav.

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A Seal of Tsar Simeon was Found

A seal of Tsar Simeon was found in Veliki Preslav, archeologist Irina Shtereva, manager of the research team, said, BNR (Bulgarian National Radio) announced.

The seal is intact. It is made of lead, with an image of Jesus Christ on one side and the Holy Mother - on the other.

Similar is the recently found seal of Boris-Mihail, father of Simeon, but the inscription is in Greek. Archeologists dated the seal from the first years of Simeon's rule.

This year Irina Shtereva's team will work on...

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Coins with Image of Christ Discovered in Veliki Preslav

Unique silver coins with the effigy of Christ sitting in a throne have been discovered in Veliki Preslav - the second capital of the First Bulgarian Kingdom.
The archaeological team came across 50 ancient Venetian and Serbian coins dating back to 13th-14th century. Inscriptions in Greek and Latin reading "dux" (chief) and "rex" (king) are inscribed next to Christ's image. The reverse of the coin is decorated with the effigies of two saints, in which experts recognize St. Silvester and St....

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Archaeologist finds rare high medieval Bulgarian inscription in monastery

Bulgarian archaeologist Professor Kazimir Popkonstantikov announced Wednesday he has found a thrilling inscription in ancient Bulgarian language at the wall of a stone tomb near the town of Veliki Preslav.

The inscription on the tomb's wall was found during his research of a monastery dated back to the 10th century.

This is Professor Popkonstantinov's second finding of such an inscription after more than 50 years. The inscription informs that the monk Sinkel was buried there, and while...

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A monument of Tsar Simeon The Great will be raised in Preslav

A monument of Tsar Simeon The Great will be opened in the old capital of Bulgaria- Preslav. The initiative will mark 1080 years from the death of the Bulgarian ruler.
The monument will be raised close by the “Golden” (Zlatnata) church, which together with the throne hall, impress with their magnificent outlook. The Old Town called Veliki Preslav, was built during the rule of Tsar Simeon the Great and competed with Constantinople.

The image of Simeon the Great is carved by two types of...

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