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Veliki Preslav

Veliki Preslav is situated 365 km northeast from Sofia and 19 km southwest from the district town Showmen. Here are he ruins of the second capital of Bulgaria – Veliki (Great) Preslav.

Prince Boris I laid the foundations the town. His inheritor King Simeon the Great made the town a capital in 893 – 894 and the city was in the apogee of its development. The time of Simeon’s government is known as the “Golden Age” in history. The governors planed it to outshine the glory of Constantinopol. The most peculiar building from the old Preslav is the “Golden (Circular) church” built in 908 year. The central edifice has 12 niches in the wall and 12 columns of white marble. The whole region of the ruins was declared a National Historical and Archeological reserve. A rich historical museum, founded 90 years ago, is functioning on its territory.

The Ethnographic house and the “St. St. Peter and Pavel” church are situated in the new town. The Ethnographic House is a good example of Bulgarian customs in the past and the church was declared as the monument of culture.

Veliki Preslav is famous producer of high class wines and cognacs and the visitors can taste them in one of the cosy taverns in the town.

Photos from Veliki Preslav


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