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Surva Pernik 2009

The 18th issue of Surva – the International Festival of the Masquerade games took place in Pernik from the 23th to 25th of January, 2009. The event gathered more than 85 folklore ensembles from Bulgaria and abroad and more than 5000 participants. Masked people, dressed in scary or funny suits, furs and rugs were marching on three consecutive days in the centre of Pernik. The tradition dates back from the ancient times. The mummers in Bulgaria are called Kukeri, Survakari, Babugeri and...

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The Rider of Madara

In Madara Village, 20 km away from Shoumen, the champion of the Bulgarian state has been staying awaken for 12 centuries by now. Lifted up his head proudly, fused with the vertical rock, at a height of 23 m his eyes can see far away.

А lilac path goes to the platform at the foot of the smooth rock. If the weather is good and the sun shines on the rock, you will be able to look at his stately figure. The scene is not hunting or military – as if the time has stopped and the Rider is...

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Four years in Bulgaria - and it keeps getting better…

While there is a wealth of detailed advice about finding and buying the right property in the right location in Bulgaria, there is very little information about what life here is actually like. So, after four years of permanent residence, Adrian and Toni Musgrave share their experiences across a number of key issues for expats and explain why the country is now their ideal lifestyle choice.

It is estimated that around 58,000 foreigners now live in Bulgaria, where all the major towns and...

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New Year in Varna

From several years yet Varna is declared to be the most appropriate town for living in Bulgaria. During the winter the sea capital is also very popular with its glamorous New Year decoration, entertaining program and spectacular fireworks on the central square of Varna.

Many friends of mine, living in Varna, had told me about the New Year celebrations in the sea city, so I decided to meet 2009 there. My mates and I reached Varna late in the afternoon on the 31th of December. First we went in...

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A Southeastern European conference called Go2Balkans begins in Sofia on November, 25 bringing more...


The medieval capital of Bulgaria - Veliko Tarnovo is the third most affordable tourist destination more...


Bulgaria was granted the approval of the World Tourism Organisation to create a World Tourism Museum more...

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