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How to choose the right ski resort in Bulgaria

Thanks to the heavy snow from last year all resorts in Bulgaria boasted with excellent skiing season and lots of happy skiers on the slopes. This year Bansko, Borovets and Pamporovo promised even better skiing conditions and new improvements in the ski centres in order to provide more comforts and perfectly maintained ski slopes.
The key to a fulfilling skiing holiday, however, is to pick the right resort in the first place. Here, we have prepared a detailed report, aiming to help you pick the...

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Tips for summer fun at the beach in Bulgaria

Summer is time to party and have fun. All you need is a swimming suit and the right company to keep you in a good mood. The beaches in Bulgaria offer a lot of fun, entertainment and sport activities. Here is a list of things you can do on the Black sea in Bulgaria. Choose those that suit you best and entertain your self.

1. Bring a beachball or a boogie board and share it with friends.
2. Take your i-pod with your favorite music – this will not only entertain you, but will also help you...

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Bulgaria's Top Beaches

Bulgaria is famous for its lovely Black sea coastline with nice, sandy beaches, which can vary from lively and sports-facilitated beach stripes to calm and beautiful campsites.

No matter what type of tourist you are: family tourist, adventure tourist or the typical sun, sand and sea tourist, you will be happy to find out that there is a variety of beaches, which can answer to your criteria. 
Some of the beaches offer the traditional facilities like parasols, sun-beds, barbeque restaurants,...

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The Rose festival 2012 in Kazanlak

Once again Kazanlak hosted the Rose festival in the Valley of Roses in Bulgaria. This year guests of the resort were able to scent the intoxicating aroma of roses and lavender right on the rose filed.
Here in the valley of Roses for more than 100 years at the beginning of June the beautiful rose fest is being held. In 2012 it was transformed into a festival of arts and traditions with a special tribute to the Queen Rose – the symbol of Bulgaria.

The festival now lasts more than a...

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The Panagyurishte Gold Treasure

The Panagyurishte gold treasure is a Thracian beverage set made of 24-karat gold with a total weight of 6.164 kg. It is dated back to the end of the 4th and the beginning of the 3rd century BC. The golden treasure was excavated on 08 December 1949 near the Bulgarian town of Panagyurishte by three brothers – Pavel, Michail and Petko Deikovi.

The golden treasure consists of 9 ancient wine vessels that were used in religious ceremonies and feasts (with ritual function). The exquisite...

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Top summer destinations in Bulgaria

Are you dreaming of crazy sunny days, sandy beaches and sizzling nightlife?
As the summer approaches and the temperatures outside are getting hotter, it is time to leave the everyday cares behind and enjoy a relaxing holiday out in the sun.
Bulgaria has long ago proved to be an excellent choice of a summer holiday by the sea. The Black sea coast in the country offers 378 km fine golden beaches. The coastline is diverse with numerous natural landmarks, such as cliffs, wet zones, lakes and...

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Top 5 ideas for an active holiday in Bulgaria

After the long and chilly winter, the sun is now smiling outside and Bulgaria has turned into a colorful spring filed with scented three blossom, green fields and beautiful scenery. Its time to get rid of the fast everyday life and enjoy the beautiful nature. It's best to surprise our close friends and family with a real active holiday out in the nature.

We have prepared a list of 5 hot offers for an active holiday and unforgettable vacation across Bulgaria.

1. We will start with the...

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The Rose festival – Kazanlak 2012

Imagine a spring field scented with the intoxicating aroma of roses and lavender. See the sun caressing the naked land. Enjoy the dark green crowns of the nut threes and feel the fresh whiff of the oak forests in the Balkan mountain range.
You are in the valley of Roses – where for more than 100 years at the beginning of June the beautiful rose fest is being held. In 2012 it will be transformed into a festival of arts and traditions with a special tribute to the Queen Rose – the symbol of...

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Spring ideas for a holiday and adventure in Bulgaria

The first sun beams enlightened the gloomy winter days and the end of the cold winter spell is already coming.

The Spring itself arrives, awaking the world for a new live and adventures. It's still too early to store the skies, because of the excellent snow cover in Bansko, Borovets, Pamporovo and Chepelare, which will welcome keen skiers at least until mid April this year.

If you still want to try something different for your spare time and the forthcoming spring...

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Kukerlandia Festival in Yambol

Last week Yambol city in Bulgaria hosted a colourful and noisy event - Kukerlandia.

The masquerade festival Kukerlandia represents a synthesis of centuries old traditions, customs, sounds, shades of light. This is a celebration of vernal purifying. Monsters and creatures, accompanied by the pounding of bells attached to their belts, perform rituals to chase away phantoms and evil spirits. This is how with the coming of Spring the spectators of the kukeri take a communion, immersing...

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