Tips for summer fun at the beach in Bulgaria


Summer is time to party and have fun. All you need is a swimming suit and the right company to keep you in a good mood. The beaches in Bulgaria offer a lot of fun, entertainment and sport activities. Here is a list of things you can do on the Black sea in Bulgaria. Choose those that suit you best and entertain your self.

1. Bring a beachball or a boogie board and share it with friends.
2. Take your i-pod with your favorite music – this will not only entertain you, but will also help you ignore loud conversations and curious people.
3. Take a lot of pictures. These memories will last longer if you do.
4. Always be nice and friendly to people – you can find good friends to have fun with.
5. Don't forget to bring a nice book.
6. Try surfing or diving – water sports will not only keep you in shape, but are also a chance to meet new people.
7. Go to an aqua park and go wild.
8. Try local specialties and sea food.
9. Book excursions to local sightseeing and historical monuments to learn more about Bulgaria.
10. Don't miss to go out at night – the party in all beach resort in Bulgaria is guaranteed.

Bulgaria is waiting for you with lots of fun and interesting things to do. Just bring your good mood and enjoy your summer vacation on the Black sea.



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