Golf in Primorsko

General Information: Primorsko is one of the modernest Bulgarian Beach resorts, which offers great opportunities for nice holiday home vacations. The town is located 52 kilometers south of Bourgas, on a Black Sea cape. The River Ropotamo is in the vicinity of Primorsko. Ropotamo is one of the largest natural reserves of Bulgaria.
Primorsko has a sea port, which offers regular bus lines to Bourgas and to the towns and villages on the southern Black sea coast.
The resort is famous amongst young people. There are many small cafes, discos that are open all night long and cheap places to eat at. Accommodation is available in a lot of luxurious hotel complexes, small family hotels and rooms in private houses.

Primorsko Golf Course: The construction of a golf course and a holiday village is beginning in the vicinity of Primorsko. It will be in the area called Silihlyar. The investor in this site is Primorski Golf, in which the municipality holds 90 per cent of the shares with the contributed property of the land and the Yuzhen Golf Company, owned by Krassimir Gergov, holds the remaining 10 per cent.
The golf course will have 18 holes and will be locate along Ropotamo River. The course will cover 1300 decares of ground and the whole project will feature yacht club, luxurious spa centre, sport complex, tennis courts and 300 one-family villas.
The project is planned to be ready and open doors in 2009. The investments will bring more tourists and golf-players in the region, according to the investors. In the same time, the project steadily guarantees ecosystem protection and infrastructure improvement in the region.



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