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2013/09/26 13:11:36

Thracian carriage discovered near Sveshtari

A 25-centuries-old two-wheel carriage was discovered near Sveshtari town in Razdrad region in Bulgaria.

The hill where the carriage was discovered is adjacent to the famous Mound of the Bulgarian Khan Omurtag where a research team of archaeologists found an ancient golden treasure last year.

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Ancient Thracian gold treasure discovered in Bulgaria

Bulgarian archaeologists unearthed ancient golden artefacts, including bracelets with snake heads, a tiara with animal motifs and a horse head piece during excavation works at a Thracian tomb in northern Bulgaria.

The golden artefacts are dated back to the end of the fourth or the beginning of the third century BC and were found in the biggest of 150 ancient tombs of a Thracian tribe, the Getae, that was in contact with the Hellenistic world.
The findings also included a golden ring, 44...

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“Yogurt Fair” Starts in Razgrad

The yogurt fair and festival of the national traditions and art crafts will take place from 23 until 25th July in the heart of the Ludogorie – Rzgrad. The program of the fair includes a baton “Make tarator not terror”, competirion “Queen of the fair”, concerts, and dancing shows from 15 countries.

The fair was presented as one of the opportunities for alternative tourism for citizens and guests from Varna.

During the festival of national tradition and art crafts, masters will hand down...

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Yoghurt Fair in Razgrad

The sixth edition of the Yoghurt Fair and the Festival of folk traditions and art crafts will be held from today till 25 July in Razgrad, informed Radio Shumen.

During the first day, producers and distributors of the traditional Bulgarian product will have a meeting. A scientific forum “Traditions in the processing of Bulgarian milk and challenges to the milk producers in the context of the European requirements” is also scheduled in the framework of the fair.

During the event there will...

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“Archaeology Summer 2007” is Opened in Razgrad

Archaeological excavations in the ancient roman town Abritus start today – this was announced by the Regional History Museum. This summer two sites uncovered last summer will be studied – a residential building and a basilica. In September the excavation works will be moved to the Thracian mound near by the village of Topchii. 10 workers will support the archeologists from the Razgrad History Museum. In August, 27 students from the National School For Ancient Languages and Cultures will...

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