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“Yogurt Fair” Starts in Razgrad

information by money.bg, Elitsa Elefterova

The yogurt fair and festival of the national traditions and art crafts will take place from 23 until 25th July in the heart of the Ludogorie – Rzgrad. The program of the fair includes a baton “Make tarator not terror”, competirion “Queen of the fair”, concerts, and dancing shows from 15 countries.

The fair was presented as one of the opportunities for alternative tourism for citizens and guests from Varna.

During the festival of national tradition and art crafts, masters will hand down their skills to the younger generation during a short course “First steps in the craft”.

Two Romanian chefs, guests of the fair will present secret recipes.

The three day festival will present open air concerts with bands from China, South Africa, Mauritius Island, Russia, Turkey and the Kapanski ensemble from Razgrad.

All participants in the event will march along the Majour Boulevard in Razgrad. Unique show “Traditions and modernity” will also take place during the event.

Razgrad presents itself as a new tourism destination with the interesting events, cultural inheritance and the nature gifts of the region.

The archeology reserves “Abritus” and “Sboryanovo” offer unique sites and artifacts. Three ethnographic complexes in Razgrad and the vicinities and present the different cultures, lifestyle and traditions in the region.

The relax zone “Pchelina” and the dams in the region offer excellent conditions for relax, and active holiday in the hunting reserves in the region offer hunting tourism and photo safari.

The Yogurt Fair gathers companies and distributors of the traditional Bulgarian product. An attractive competition for the production of home made yogurt and yogurt dishes will also take place during the fair, announced Tsvetana Benonova, head of the “Culture and Tourism” department in Razgrad municipal.

2000 visitors attended the yogurt fair last year, and this year the organizers expect to double the number.



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