Active Summer Holiday in Bachevo Village

Horse Riding Center, village of Bachevo

Make your summer vacation active and unforgettable!
Rila Mountain offers many opportunities for active tourism among virgin nature during the summer. Horse riding is the perfect way to let the mountain air free your mind and feel the harmony of the nature. Apart from this you can try unique rural attractions and get familiar with the specific atmosphere of one Bulgarian village.

SILKY HOLIDAYS LTD. presents to your attention several options for summer activities in Rila Mountain and Perivolas in Bulgaria! We will secure everything necessary to make your Rila experience unforgettable!

Make you choice now!

1. Horse riding: 60 min - 13 EURO

2. Horse riding lesson: 20 min - 8 EURO

3. Guided horseback lessons:
- one-day: 6 hours - 72 EURO
- two-day (food and accommodation provided): 205 EURO
- more days: as agreed
For the riding trails at least one week advance booking.

4. Tour: 30 min/ 60 min
Sledge (5 seats): 15 EURO/ 26 EURO
Carriage (5 seats): 15 EURO/ 26 EURO
Cart (6-10 seats): 20 EURO/ 36 EURO

5. Medicinal horse riding (hypo-therapy) – autism, backbone problems, etc.: 20 min - 8 EURO

6. Picnic – advance booking

7. Live music: 20 EURO/hour

8. Demonstration of traditional customs (Day of St. Todor, Day of St. George, folklore dances)

9. Hunting and fishing – advance booking



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