The Rila Monastery & Bansko

The Rila Monastery - it is the largest cultural center in Bulgaria - 5th floors and four of them visible. Located in northwestern Rila Mountains, 117 km from Sofia, 1,147 meters above sea level.

Trip Program

-Departure at 08.30AM
-Traveling on the route Sofia-Plana:
Climbing Mountain Plan with off-road program. Stop for tea and coffee with an amazing view of Sofia, Iskar Dam and Rila Mountains.
-Continue the route to go down as the Iskar Dam. Possibility to stop the Iskar Dam;
-We have lunch close to Rila Monastery in the Rila River Restaurant or the Bird's Nest close to Iskar dam, there is opportunity for a picnic in the mountains (on request)
- We reach Rila Monastery by asphalt road;
- Walk in Rila Monastery: the largest monastery in Bulgaria. The ensemble of the monastery covers an area of 8800 square meters, including 5500 square meters building area in Rila Monastery keep manuscripts, books, documents ot14 century;
- 19th century, and the museum - many antiques and church plate, rods, icons, weapons, coin collection, etc.. Since 1983 Rila Monastery is under the auspices of UNESCO;
- Traveling on the route Sofia-Dupntsitsa;
- Back to the hotel 18:30;
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Jeep trip to the Rila mountain and Bansko resort.
Culture trip, historical sightseeing
One day.
All year round.
The Rila Monastery, Bansko


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