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2011/05/11 10:40:12

“Weekend Tourism” exhibition starts in Rousse

The exhibition “Weekend tourism” will held in Rousse for the seventh time in the period 12th -14th of May. More than 70 companies participated in the event.

For the first time on this exhibition will take part hotels and places for accommodation from all over the country. The program include demonstration of traditional crafts.

Rousse is hosting the Forth Annual Festival of tourism entertainment and...

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Bulgaria decreases three times the Danube Bridge fee

Bulgaria decreases some of the charges for the Danube Bridge from Bulgaria to Romania, the Bulgarian minister of foreign affairs Nikolay Mladenov said, BGNES reported.

The fee for cars passing through the Danube Bridge will be just 2 euro. The fee for vans and tracks between 3,5 and 7,5 tons will become 4 euro. For buses the charge is to be decreased from 25 euro to 8 euro.

The main goal of the initiative is to be support the business, tourism and connections between the two countries,...

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Rousse history museum applies for American funding program

Regional Museum of History in Bulgaria’s city of Rousse candidates in Chicago Field Museum’ program for restoration.

The project aims to restore Cherven Fortress near Rousse. The museum in Rousse is preparing an exhibition with findings of the fortress.

Chicago Field Museum will scrutinize all projects till the middle of April 2011. If the American museum approves the project, it will start in July 2011 and will continue 12 months.

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The Rousse airport attracts low cost companies

The airport in Rousse plans to specialize in servicing low cost air companies, as the Bucharest airport is with too heavy traffic, announced the regional head Plamen Stoilov.

The airport is operating since 1996.

The airport will be set on a concession and the opportunities for public-private cooperation are presented to several air companies. A great advantage of the airport is the possibility to combine river, railway and road transport.

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Bulgarian-Romanian project will develop alternative tourism along the the Danube river

A project for alternative tourism will be developed between Bulgaria and Romania. The project is estimated to cost half a million Euro. The centre for support of the small and middle enterprises in Rousse, municipal council Gurgevo, association “Euro region Danubis” - Rousse, and academy for economy science – Territory university centre – Gurgevo.

With the support of European fund will be studied the opportunities for web presentation of all kinds of alternative tourism along the Danube river...

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The sixth edition of “Weekend Tourism” will be held in May

The sixth edition of the tourism exhibition “Weekend tourism Rousse” and the third festival of the tourism entertainment and animation will take place during the period 13th – 15 May in Rousse.

The main goal of the exhibition is to preset the tourism opportunities of the Rousse region. Attractive holiday offers will be also presented.
The event is organized with the cooperation of the industry of Economy Energetics and tourism. The Municipality Information Centre, the association “European...

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Tour operators from Italy and Greece are interested in Rousse

Tour operators from Italy and Greece are interested in Rousse and the region, announced the business centre for aid for small and middle enterprises.
This became clear after a meeting of the Enterprce Europe Network in Spain.
The foreign companies are attracted by the great diversity of alternative forms of tourism, offered by Rousse, Silistra, Razgrad, Veliko Tarnovo and Svishtov. The region is famous as a destination for eco tourism, culture tourism, rural tourism and ornithology tourism.

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Archaeologists Unearth Bulgarian Madonna

Archaeologists have discovered the Bulgarian copy of the Virgin Mary at the excavations of the unique necropolis discovered by the village of Nissovo near Rousse on the Danube. The expedition is led by the archaeologist Templar, Prof. Nikolay Ovcharov. The sensational finding is the medieval burial of a mother and a child. The bodies were laid to resemble those of the Virgin Mary and Infant as usually depicted on icons. Archaeologists and historians say this has been the first such discovery in...

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Rousse Expedition Examines a Medieval Necropolis

The team of Professor Nikolay Ovcharov found a Medieval graveyard from XV-XVII century near the Rousse village Nisovo, BNR announced. The interesting fact is that by examining the remains of the buried people one can identify their job. Judging by the discovered objects in the graveyard the skeletons belong to a barber, a baker and a priest. In a number of excavated lots there are skeletons of 3 and 4-year old children, which most probably testify of a medieval epidemic of a deadly...

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The hot weather held the pelicans in “Srebarna”

The unusual high temperatures and the favorable conditions delayed the migration of the pelicans in “Srebarna” reserve, announced the regional eco inspection in Rousse. Usually the rare birds leave their nests in August.
Ecologists have observed 250 of the rare species, together with the little ones who are already trained to fly and fish. The nock can be observed along the float of the Danube River around the breeding ponds in Romania or nearby he Natural Park “Persina”, where they seek for...

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