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The guest reviews are submitted by our customers after their stay at Holiday Village Rusalka
General Rating 3.8 3.8/5 Average from 16 Reviews
Hotel Staff 3.1 3.1/5
Services / Facilities 3.5 3.5/5
Location 4.8 4.8/5
Value for Money 3.7 3.7/5
Comments on Holiday Village Rusalka

Andras Czegledi from Hungary, sent on 28 August 2012 4.8

The cooking was bad, sorry.

Ivascu Marius from Romania, sent on 20 June 2011 3.2

The resort has 3 stars but rates are for 4 stars. No improvment of the services or rooms endowment since 2009. However the landscape and the beach are very beautiful.

Odett Nagygyorgy from Hungary, sent on 24 August 2010

clean, quiet place, wondeful view so we have in mind to return here in the future just taking into account the practice we gained
Suggestions, comments:
1) need of better or more motivated animator staff for the activities during the day including a bit higher evening performance shows which will probably better involve the guests in the programme
2) food issue - tasty, very good BUT from time to time the available quantity was not really in line with the number of guests, replenishment of vegetables (especially tomatoes) was not proper - should be improved to get the real feeling of AI service; snacks served were very very poor, maybe not only sanwiches should be prepared (which just get bad due to the high temperature so nobody tries them) but availability of fruits could solve the issue and again, the guest would have impression to get excellent AI service for the money spent
3) we needed doctor - nobody was available in the medicine's room...doctor direct phone number available only at the reception not enough...if you are really sick you want immediate doctor availablity and not first phone the reception and than just waiting for the aid...(in our case there was no possibility to phone the reception as there was a light shut down in the resort so nothing was working...no light, no air condition, no TV, just nothing for 20-30 minutes, exactly when we realized that there is no doctor in the medical room and someone adviced us to phone the reception...)
4) poor explanation at reception at arrival on the services included- which is the AI restaurant, bar, etc., need of extra questions
5) no possibility to use credit card - we wanted to stay one more night and to pay by card the expences for the extra night; there was no way but to go to Kavarna or other place to take out money from the bank so we decided to leave...if you have possibility to use credit card you may take quicker decisons and make immediate payments otherwise you think over things.



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