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The antique roman fortress nearby Samokov will be refurbished

expert.bg, 16 March 2011

Samokov municipality presented a project for restoration and preservation of the antique roman fortress “Tsari maligrad” in the “St. Spas” site nearby Belchin.

The history museum in Samokov and the late-medieval church “St. Petka” are already included in the list of the 100 national tourism sites.

We aim to develop the potential for culture tourism in the region and thus transform it into a year round destination.
The preliminary assessment show that the realization of the project will cost over 5 million BGN. Until the present moment the archaeology excavations are financed by foundation “Revival for Belchin”.
Samokov municipality will apply for finance for “Support for the development of natural, culture and history attractions.

The project plans restoration of the northwestern tower of the fortress to hold a museum exposition and the northeastern tower to be used as a platform for visitors.
The eastern, southern and western walls of the fortress will be partially restored and one of the towers will be renewed to the roof level.

The initiative of Samokov municipality also includes a recreation zone. Tourism eco-rails around and inside the archeology site.

A panoramic train will carry visitors from the parking of the hotel to the fortification walls. Children will be able to play in a special rope park.

Two early Christianity and one medieval churches were found during the archeology researches. The bases of the three temples are overlapping which is a proof of the continuity of the sanctuaries in the region.



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Properties in Sofia by Suprimmo.net