Medical and Beauty Centre in Interhotel Sandanski

In Interhotel Sandanski is the largest balneological and recuperative centre in Bulgaria. The hotel offers highly qualified specialists in several sectors: hydrotherapy, electric and light treatment, inhalations, paraffin treatment and kinesitherapy. You will get an adequate advice according internal diseases, physiotherapy, pneumonia and phytotherapy in the medical consulting rooms.


climatic treatment • balneotherapy • herbal • salt and alkaline baths • underwater jet and brush massage • electro-procedures • infrared ray therapy • low-frequency impulse therapy • microwaves • supersonics • gymnastics


anti-asthmatic • arthro-rheumatic • slimming • anti-stress in two stages • fitness program

In the hotel there is also a Beauty centre, undertaken with the relax and fresh looks of the guests.

The Beauty centre of the hotel offers:
- beauty salon (pedicure and manicure);
- hairdresser and barber shop;
- sauna and solarium;
- gymnastics and fitness;
- herbal, salt and alkaline baths;
- underwater jet;
- curative and brush massages.

Beauty programs:
- fitness;
- anti-stress;
- slimming;
- vitality.

Therapeutical packages:
1) 2 treatments per day – 17 Euro;
2) 3 treatments per day – 19 Euro.

Specialized balneological programs:
1) Five-day program for treatment and prophylaxis of osteoporosis – 116 Euro;
2) Ten-day program for treatment and prophylaxis of osteoporosis – 228 Euro;
3) Five-day program for treatment and prophylaxis of Pulmonary diseases – 116 Euro;
4) Ten-day program for treatment and prophylaxis of Pulmonary diseases – 228 Euro.

SPA & Beauty programs:
1) Five-day “Beautiful body” program – 103 Euro;
2) Five-day “Antistress” program – 118 Euro;
3) Ten-day “Antistress” program – 228 Euro;
4) Five-day slimming program – 118 Euro;
5) Ten-day slimming program – 228 Euro;
6) Five day thalassotherapy – 118 Euro;
7) Ten-day thalassotherapy – 228 Euro;
8) Five-day combo therapy (thalasso + aromatherapy) – 126 Euro;
9) Ten-day combo therapy (thalasso + aromatherapy) – 254 Euro.

If you intend to seek treatment, you should present medical information about your state of health or recommendations by your attending physician.

For more information and reservations, please contact us!



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