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A balneotherapy complex to be developed in Sapareva Banya

A Russian fund will invest 18 million leva in the construction of a large balneotherapy complex in Sapareva Banya.

The capacity would be for about 2000 people and will include a centre for rehabilitation, prophylaxis and genetic studies. It will also include a SPA zone and sport facilities, resting areas and restaurants.
Sapareva Banya is known for the hottest mineral water in Bulgaria, with temperature of 102 °С, which gushes out as a geyser near the town. The water is recommended for...

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2011/09/01 10:48:53

Japanese investors design a geothermal plant in Sapareva Banya

Kihachiro Nishiura, president of the "Aqua Farm Limited" together with the Mayor of Sapareva Banya - Sasho Ivanov founded a company to build a geothermal plant, "Struma" daily reported.

Sapareva Banya municipality will provide land for the construction of the plant, and the Japanese company will finance its construction. The center will be built for less than three years and will supply local consumers with hot mineral water for balneology and spa treatments.

The geothermal power plant...

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Japanese to invest in the mineral geyser in Sapareva Banya

A Japanese company plans to sign an investment contract in April 2011 for usage of the mineral geyser in Sapareva Banya, the said resort’s mayor Sasho Ivanov.

Russian companies have also shown interest in the mineral springs in Sapareva Banya.

The municipality has a license for usage of the mineral treasures for 25 years. In this way the local government has the opportunity to receive all the incomes from the concessions.

There is also a German project for building of a geothermal...

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FairPlay to build balneological center in Sapareva Bania in Bulgaria.

Local real estate investment trust FairPlay Properties, a unit of property developer FairPlay International, said it has paid 4.5 mln levs to acquire 63,000 sq m of land in the land area of Sapareva Bania, a town in Western Bulgaria.

The REIT said it plans to increase the area of company-owned land in the area to over 10 ha.

The land will be developed into a balneological complex.

FairPlay Properties executive director Manyu Moravenov said the development of spa centers will create...

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Mountains & Hot Mineral Water Attract Tourists in Bulgaria's Sapareva Banya

The Rila mountains, hot mineral water, and the old Roman town Germaneya attract the tourists in Bulgarian resort of Sapareva Banya.

Sapareva Banya opened in 2006 an information tourism centre under the PHARE programme intended to provide information to tourists interested in visiting the sites on the territory of the municipality, Focus news agency reported.

The centre is located near one of the town's nature attractions; the geyser with the hottest mineral water in the continental part...

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