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A balneotherapy complex to be developed in Sapareva Banya

Bg Daily News, December 04, 2013

A Russian fund will invest 18 million leva in the construction of a large balneotherapy complex in Sapareva Banya.

The capacity would be for about 2000 people and will include a centre for rehabilitation, prophylaxis and genetic studies. It will also include a SPA zone and sport facilities, resting areas and restaurants.
Sapareva Banya is known for the hottest mineral water in Bulgaria, with temperature of 102 °С, which gushes out as a geyser near the town. The water is recommended for treatment of various ailments of the musculoskeletal system, the peripheral nervous system and chronic intoxication with heavy metals.

It is expected that the construction will start by the end of the year on a 30 decare plot, provided by the Sapareva Banya municipality, which has set up a joint company with the Russian fund. The total capital of the company is 22.4 million leva, of which 16.8 million are of the Russians. The municipality participates with the aportionment of the land, evaluated at 5.6 million leva.

The fund "Law, justice and charity" has been set up to protect the social rights of the employees of the Russian judicial system.
This is the second similar Russian project. - Three years ago the Moscow municipality started the construction of a children's complex at the seaside, on 300 decares in the Kamchia reserve. The project was completed this year.



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