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Location: Sevlievo is located in the Sevlievo lowland along the left bank of Rositsa River. It is 190 km away northeast from Sofia and 28 km away northwest from Gabrovo.

History: The medieval fortress was founded in 10th century, 4 km away from the contemporary town. It was destroyed after the Ottoman invasion but it was restored to become an administrative centre of the Ottoman Empire in 18th century. As many other towns in Bulgaria Sevlievo was devastated by the robber bands but its citizens recovered it quickly. Sevlievo became an important handicraft and cattle trade centre. The town was famous silk producer. Sevlievo kept abreast with the cultural and spiritual development during the Revival period. Many great personalities used to live and work in the town.

Sightseeing: The historical museum is situated in the building of the old Hadzhistoianovo School. The centre of the town is rich of historical landmarks. The watch tower, built in 1877 -1879, the churches “St. Prophet Ilia” and “St Trinity”, the monument of Freedom are located there. A stone bridge, built by Kolio Ficheto, crosses Rositsa river. The precursor of Sevlievo, the medieval fortress Hotalich, is 4 km away west of the town.

Vicinities: The natural park “Baagdala” is 10 km away from Sevlievo. “Al. Stamboliiski” dam is excellent site for rest and water sports and it is just 6 km away from the town. 20 km. away Batoshevo monastery is situated.

Sevlievo hosts many folklore and other cultural activities. 14th of October, the day of St Petka Bulgarian, is the town feast. There is a great fair and many cultural events on this day. Sevlievo is famous with the Moto Cross track, where the MX world Championship takes place.

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