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Golden Treasure Found Near Northern Seaside Resort


Near the seaside resort village Shkorpilovci (South from Varna) was found golden treasure dated from the 14th Century.

In specialists' opinion it is from the reign of Tcar Ivan Aleksander.

Ivan Aleksander reigned as Emperor (Tsar) of Bulgaria from 1331 to 1371, during the Second Bulgarian Empire. During Ivan Alexander's rule, the Second Bulgarian Empire entered a period of cultural renaissance, which is referred to as the "Second Golden Age of Bulgarian culture"

The treasure consists of diadem, three rings, two earring and glass buckles. The Varna Historical Мuseum's director Valentin Pletniov announced the man who gave the valuable find to the museum, will be recompensed.

The medieval jewelry is exposed in ‘Odesos' Hall of Varna Historical Museum.



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