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Shkorpilovtsi is a small sea resort, located only 100 m away from one of the most beautiful beaches on the Northern Black Sea coast. Its proximity to the sea capital of Bulgaria – Varna makes it a preferred holiday destination for many Bulgarian and foreign tourists.

The sand strip in Shkorpilovtsi is 13 km long and 100 m wide and it is the longest and the widest sand strip at Bulgarian Black Sea side. It is equally attractive to the guests of any of the lovely hotels there and to the camping fans. The region is an excellent example of ecologically clean region, which blends wild beaches and various types of woods in an unparalleled manner.

The village has approximately 720 people population. It lies about 42 km south of Varna and roughly 30 km north of Byala. Upon entering the village you will see numerous small holiday settlements, visited by many tourists.
Shkorpilovtsi boasts plenty of quiet spots, soaked with tradition, where you will be able to enjoy the magnificent nature, virgin beaches, to immerse in the special atmosphere of Bulgarian customs. The village is named aftre the Black Sea coast explorers - Shkorpil bothers.

The Funduklijska River flows right next to the beach and to the bridge. The latter is an inviting place to watch the stunning sunset. The zone along the river is rich in mineral waters – an indispensable premise for a high-quality spa resort.
Shkorpilovtsi Scientific Research Institute is situated near the beach. Commenced in 1980, the building work was completed three years later and the institute was officially opened in 1983. It features a laboratory complex and a supporting trestle. The trestle has total lenght of 230 m and is 7 m high and serves as a platform for mounting research appliances. The institute is responsible for conducting many scientific studies in the coastal area, training of specialists and hosting seminars and conferences.

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