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2300 years old settlement nearby Sinemorets

dariknews.bg, Veselin Maximov

By the end of the archaeology season, the “Strandzha” expedition, lead by Daniela Agre, studied the Thracian fortified home, known as “turis” during ancient times. The complex is situated in the “Gola niva” (bare field) in the Sinemorets land, aging almost 2300 years.

The expedition developed the southern wall with a fortification tower and found fragments from Greek pottery with preserved stamp. Parts from the roof, made of tiles of the tower were examined.

Tsarevo municipal, which sponsored the excavation works, considers the transformation of the site as a tourist destination. The items discovered so far will be preserved for the winter season and their restoration will take place next year. Special exhibition with exponents and pictures will take place in Tsarevo.



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