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Unique excavations near the resort Sinemorets

Avgustina Asenova, VisitBulgaria.NET

The excavations of the Thracian palace near the seaside resort Sinemorets were rewarded with success. The archaeologists found a remarkable silver treasure which is believed to be part of the possessions of a Thracian ruler.

Some of the coins were depicted with the images of Lysimachos, Seleucus and Nikomedes, but what provokes great interest is a coin of Mostis, for there are only 3 coins of the kind, found in the whole world.

According to the words of the director of the excavations, Daniela Agre, this treasure was most probably hidden in a moment of danger and the pot with the coins was sealed with lead.

The research is being financed by the project “Via Pontica” by the Council of Ministers. So far, were also found many amphoras on the first floor of the tower.



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