Ski holidays and resorts in Bulgaria

Over 30 % of the territory of Bulgaria is occupied by mountains. During the past few years the Bulgarian ski resorts went through fast development and modernization and are now offering high class service.
We do ski holidays in Bulgaria's best ski resorts of Bansko, Borovets and Pamporovo as well as few smaller resorts like Chepelare,Vitosha and Panichishte.
No matter where you come from, we can provide complete travel arrangements for your holiday in Bulgaria: Hotel reservations, information, transfers to/from the resorts

Ski Offers

  € EUR|: Bansko|: 22.01.2021

Ores Boutique Hotel * * * * *

Ores Boutique Hotel is a small 5-star Boutique hotel in Bansko. The hotel is situated just two minutes away from the gondola lift 

  € EUR|: Bansko|: 09.12.2019

Panorama Resort hotel* * * *

Location: Panorama Resort hotel is a new design complex, which is located in the area of Sveti Ivan Rilski 750 meters from the ski 

  € EUR|: Bansko|: 21.08.2019

Aspen Aparthotel* * * *

Location: Aspen Aparthotel is located about 2 minutes walk from the main ski lift in Bansko. Accommodation: The hotel offers 

  € EUR|: Bansko|: 23.07.2019

Hotel 7 pools spa and apartments* * *

Location: 7 pools spa and apartments hotel is located 600 meters from the ski lift in Bansko and 2.4 km from the church "Holy 

  € EUR|: Bansko|: 21.07.2019

Mountain Romance & Spa hotel* * *

Location: Mountain Romance Apartments & Spa hotel is situated in the town of Bansko in a very pleasant and quiet area with a 

  € EUR|: Bansko|: 01.07.2019

Vihren Residence* * * *

Location: Vihren Residence (the new building of Aparthotel Vihren Palace & Residence) is located just a few minutes away from the 

  € EUR|: Bansko|: 24.11.2018

Mountain View Aparthotel* * *

Location: Mountain View Aparthotel is located just opposite the central ski slope in Bansko, 200 meters from the Gondola 

  € EUR|: Bansko|: 24.11.2018

Aparthotel Saint George Palace* * * *

Location: Aparthotel Saint George Palace is an elegant 4-star apartment complex located in Bansko at the foot of Pirin Mountain, 

  € EUR|: Pamporo...|: 19.07.2018

Sunny Hills Hotel* * *

Location: Sunny Hills Hotel is situated in Pamporovo, in a sunny and quiet place 250 meters from the ski slopes and the 

  € EUR|: Bansko|: 06.01.2018

Friends Hotel* * *

Location: Friends Hotel is located in Bansko, 500 m from the gondola station and 5 minutes walk from the center of the 

 49 € EUR|: Bansko|: 19.12.2017

SPA Resort St. Ivan Rilski* * * *

SPA Resort St. Ivan Rilski is an all seasons residential and holiday complex, located in one of Bulgaria’s most magnificent 

 34 € EUR|: Pamporo...|: 23.11.2017

Effect Malina Residence Hotel* * *


 33 € EUR|: Bansko|: 09.11.2017

Iglika Bansko (ex. Jik Family Hotel)* * *

Location: Iglika Bansko ex. Jik family hotel is situated 300m from the Gondola ski lift in Bansko ski resort and at 15 minutes 

  € EUR|: Banya (...|: 11.09.2017

Hot Springs Medical and SPA hotel* * * *

Location: Hot Springs Medical and SPA hotel is located in the village of Banya, 5 km from Bansko mountain 

 40 € EUR|: Bansko|: 14.08.2017

Bansko Spa and Holidays* * * *

Bansko Spa & Holidays hotel is situated just 15 minutes away from the gondola lift in Bansko mountain resort. Accommodation: 

 56 € EUR|: Bansko|: 17.12.2016

Pirin hotel* * * *

Location: Pirin hotel is located in the central part of Bansko mountain resort, 2000 m from the ski lift. The hotel offers 

 39 € EUR|: Bansko|: 15.12.2016

Mura hotel* * *

Location: Mura hotel is located in the central part of Bansko mountain resort, 1500 m from the ski lift. The hotel offers 

 52 € EUR|: Borovet...|: 15.12.2016

Flora hotel* * * *

Flora Hotel & Apartment Complex is located in the central part of Borovets ski resort, just 50 meters from the central station of 

 32 € EUR|: Borovet...|: 14.12.2016

Victoria hotel* * *

Victoria hotel is a cosy, alpine type hotel, situated amidst beautiful pine forest in Borovets ski resort. The hotel is located 

 40 € EUR|: Pamporo...|: 10.12.2016

Boutique hotel Iva & Elena* * *

Boutique hotel "Iva & Elena" is situated in the northeastern foothills of the “Snezhanka” locality in the center of the resort of 

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