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Location: Sliven is situated in the in the Eastern part of the “Gornotrakiiskata” Lowland at the foothills of the Sliven Balkan Range. It is 279 east of Sofia, 28 km north-west of Yambol, and 114 km west of Bourgas and Bourgas airport. North of the city the Natural Park “Sinite Kamuni” (the Blue Rocks) is situated. Three rivers – Asenovska, Selishtna and Novoselska flow through the town and separate it in three big parts.

History: Most probably the name derives from the location of the town, i.e. fusion of the field, the mountain and the three rivers ("slivam" - to fuse). The region was inhabited by Thracians, Romans, Hellenes, Slavs and Bulgarians. The archeology researches proof that life on these lands started during the Neolith Epoch, 5000-8000 years before the New Era. Interesting archeological findings include Roman Tombs, glaze-kilns and different coins, some of them, being kept now in Sliven Museum of History. Another interesting museum is the Museum of Revival Arts, which features unique exposition of masterpieces, and National Revival Period paintings by famous Bulgarian painters.

Sightseeing: The most attractive spot in the centre of Sliven is the old century elm tree, called “Stariya Bryast”. It is declared a historical monument. There are two very interesting museum houses, built in the National Revival Architecture style. The Hadzhi Dimitur House-Museum is situated in the south-western par of the town and comprises of a complex of a native memorial home and an old traditional inn. Dobry Chintulov Memorial House Museum is found in the North quarter of Sliven. It was the home of the Bulgarian revival teacher and poet Dobry Chintulov.

Situated at the foot of the Sliven Mountain, the town is in immediate proximity to the Blue Rocks Natural Park. The region is rich in rock and cave formations, beautiful waterfalls and is set with different tourist routes. Karandila is the most visited area, situated at about 1050 m above the sea level. On top of it is the popular Karandilska meadow, which reveals unique views to the town. Here tourists can arrange picnics amongst nature and enjoy the artificial Karandil Lake or go to the Deltaplaner track, where extreme adventurers can take a delta planer journey over the unforgettable sceneries of Sliven. Karandila is also popular with the widest variety of orchids in Bulgaria- over 26 species, spread over the Blue Rocks lands.

Vicinities: At the “Hissarluka” hill, situated near Sliven, ruins of an old stronghold were found. It is located in a nice green park, where a Spring Fest is held each year. The ruins are dated back to the second half of the fourth century. Today visitors can see parts of the fortress walls, four round corner towers, remains of a gateway and fragments of mosaic ceramics and coins, kept in the Museum of History in Sliven.
Sliven can also offer SPA experiences. The Mineral Baths of Sliven are situated 12 km south-west of Sliven at the village of Zlati Voivoda, near the road to Nova Zagora. A whole balneological resort with mineral springs (44°-45°C) was established for the tourist.

The region of Sliven is rich in Karst and cave formations as well. One of the most popular caves is Zmeiovi Dupki (the Dragon’s Cave), situated 5 km north-east of the town. There is an underwater river in the cave, whose passes total up to 150 metres of length. A fabulous one is the Eagles’ Holes cave, which is actually unapproachable, because is perched on the top of some vertical cliffs, where only eagles can reach and nest in. Sliven region also has picturesque waterfalls. The Dragon’s Cave Waterfall is very wide, 8 metres high and is spreads on Mara Dere River. The Camel’s Step Waterfall on Goliam Djendem River is 10 metres high and is situated in a beautiful fresh forest. Not at last Sliven is famous for its nice, wide meadows, including Aglikina, Gaburova and the Sunny Meadow.

Wine and Dine: There is a variety of restaurants and pubs in the region. A real attraction is the Cave Restaurant. In Sliven you can also visit the rock & roll club, playing retro, funk and reggae music.

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