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JULY JAZZ Smolyan 2009


July Jazz festival will take place from 09 July – 25th July 2009 in Smolyan.

Concerts, movies, exhibitions:

- 9 July(Thu): Warsaw village band - (Poland);
- 10 July (Fri): Ralph Peterson (USA);
- 11 July (Sat): Rubatong (Bulgaria/Dutch) & Florinda Piticchino (Italy);
- 17 July (Fri): Mahavira (Bulgaria);
- 18 July (Sat):
Sumbtone (GErmany) & MCNKY (Turkey);
- 24 July (Fri): (USA);
- 25 July (Sat): Margriet Sjoerdsma (Dutch/Bulgaria);

II. PROGRAM ACOUSTICS: stage in peak Perelik - "Bears house" – 25 July – closed the festival

“I soul” theatre performance http://www.prac.biz/bg-BG/projects.aspx?id=4
Antony Donchev – 50 anniversaries;
Jacek Boczar (Poland) – photo-exhibition “One day of the Mime”;
Mario Nikolov (Bulgaria), book of poetry “Jazz listen my dreams” - installation on cardboards;
Daniel Atanassov (Bulgaria) представя комикса “Стихия” (с герои Стоян Янкулов и Елица Тодорова);

A Fula"s call (Senagal/France/Germany/Iran);
Boi Akih (Mollucan/Dutch/India);
Eslitza Popova (Bulgaria) – “Crossing point” – tales of African legends;

V. MATERIALS: paper;
Paper in theatre: ste-scene and costume;
Chairs from pasteboard – exhibition of Desigh studio "Constant-in" - Konstantin Achkov and Volen Valentinov - http://www.konstant-in.com/art.html;
Recicle paper or new vision of info materials on the festival;
Zona Urbana - purses and bags from paper - http://www.zurbana.com/;

VI. Children ART Camp:
THE WORKSHOP of the little "big"people /8 to 17 years old/
Program for children in different arts: Music, Painting, Theatre and Dolls, Profession- loom and impasto.In little groups, the children will not only communicate with artist and creators, but they will even do their first step in different areas, they will create their own product.



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