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Sofia Marks World Earth Day With A Bike Parade

On April 22 the whoole world celebrates the International Earth Day. This is the biggest non-religious holiday around the globe.
On today's day the spring begins in the Northern Hemisphere and fall in the Southern Hemisphere.

The Earth Day is a time to look at pollution and poverty problems. This is the day when the earth citizens express readiness to build one stable world, where humanity and nature are in harmony.

The first national Earth day has been celebrated on April 20 1970 in USA...

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Sofia Hosts Third 'Belgian Culinary Fest'

The third ‘Belgian culinary fest' will take place in capital's ‘Hilton' Hotel to April 27.
Chefs from the ‘Tourism and Restaurantship Collage' in Arshot near Brussels will be main actors in the performance.

They have prepared repertoire of various dishes with shrimps and fish from North Sea, asparaguses with smoked salmon and vanilla souse, Brussels chicory.

Specially mentioned is the famous...

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International “Green Areas” Conference Starts in Sofia

International conference “Green areas – key to sustainable cities” is to be opened today in Sofia, Bulgaria.

The event is organized by Sofia municipality and international partners under a project “Green keys”.

The conference will be opened by the Sofia's chief architect Peter Dikov and will be held in the Central Military Club.

The main objective of the project is development of the cities' green areas as means for the establishment of sustainable cities.

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Three new parks in three years for Sofia

Sofia municipality had plans for setting up three new parks in the city, Sofia's chief architect Petar Dikov said, as quoted by Dnevnik daily on April 17 2008. Work on two of the parks was going to start in 2009, Dikov said.

This would included expanding the current Vuzrazhdane garden in Zona B-5 borough to a 12-hectare park, as well as setting up a 18-hectare park in Lozenets borough. The third park was going to be in Mladost borough under the name Iztochen Park (East Park).

Work on the...

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One of Sofia' Symbols – Ariana Lake – Re-opened

On 11 April, one of the attractions of Sofia, the Ariana lake in the “Borissova gradina” park re-opened again, the press center of Sofia municipality informed.

Pedalos and boats will be in use again in the lake offering entertainment and opportunity for relaxation of young and adult.

This year, a children center will function in the area of the Ariana lake. It will be divided in two: for children under 5 and for children above 5 years.

Acoustic fence has been built, which to prevent...

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Sofia Yacht Show-Water Sports and Luxury Expo Starts

First specialized exposition for yachts and water sports in Sofia will take place on April 9-13 in Inter Expo Centre.
The leading firms in the sphere are gathering to satisfy Sofia citizens and guests' big interest and search in sea amusements.

Scores of yachts, disposed over 4,000 sq m expo area will guarantee to the public unforgettable experience.

Thirty-one companies - leading importers, distributors and representatives of different small vessels will provoke the fans of water sport...

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Boats in Ariana Lake

Boats and water cycles will entertain the citizens and quests of Sofia since the 12th of April. The filling of the artificial lake starts on Saturday.
The students could use the floating attractions each morning from 8 till 10 o’clock for free. An acoustic wall will separate the lake form the traffic of the local boulevards. There will be retro pictures of Sofia city on the wall. Three creches will entertain the youngest children.

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Exhibition Gathers Europe's Best Cats in Sofia

Bulgarian cat lovers enjoyed a chance to see the best breeds from across Europe in a traditional feline exhibition in Sofia that started on Saturday.

Three foreign judges from the International Feline Federation FIFe will value the merits of the cats, which include three-month-old baby kittens, as well as bidders for European champions.

The two-day exhibition, organised by the National Federation of Felinology is hosted by the Earth and People museum in downtown Sofia.

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Sofia to Host World Sommelier Competition in May

Bulgaria has been chosen as the host for the Association de la Sommellerie Internationale’s annual general assembly and title-granting competition. Taking place from May 15 to 20 in Sofia, it is expected to welcome more than 300 sommeliers, wine makers, oenologists, industry professionals and guests.

With the purpose of naming the best sommelier in the world, the five days of the event include exhibitor stands; wine, coffee, water and cigar dégustations; visits to wineries and the competition...

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Bulgaria to open the first butterfly house on the Balkans

Sofia Zoopark will become home to the first lepidopterium on the Balkans when it opens on March 15. The butterflies are arriving at their new home four days earlier, on Tuesday, from Indonesia and Colombia.

The butterfly house is located in the hall of the elephant, hippopotamus, rhinoceros and crocodile habitat. From start to finish, preparing the space – about half the size of a train waggon – took six weeks. Like at the zoo in Chicago, the lepidoptera are separated from the public by...

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