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Thin Lizzy, Emblems of Hard Rock, Arrive in Sofia

The legendary performers of all-time hits like “Whiskey In The Jar” and “The Boys Are Back in Town” arrive in Sofia. They’ll blow up the National Palace of Culture on October 3. This will be another great music event in 2008.

Thin Lizzy have been the emblems of hard rock in the last four decades. Their last release was “Thin Lizzy Greatest Hits” (2004). Although they have no plans for a new album they still play in concerts to the delight of...

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The Opening of “Sofia Dance Week” Fest was on Sunday

“Sofia Dance Week” is the first international festival of the modern dance in Bulgaria. It will start on 22th September and will end up on 29th September. The participants in the fertival program are some of the most popular world-known dance formations.

Especially for the first issue of the festival in Bulgaria will come “Compagnie 111” (France), “Ciplak Аyaklar” (Turkey), “C dans” (France), the National Choreographic center Grenoble...

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DJ Tiesto to Electrify Bulgarian Fans Once Again

World famous DJ Tiesto is coming to Bulgaria for a second time to stage a unique show on September 17 in Sofia's Festivalna Hall.

The mega party is part of Tiesto's In Search of Sunrise Summer Tour 2008 and promises to be one of the greatest dance events in September.

The party will start as early as 5 pm in front of the hall where fans will enjoy the live sets of top Bulgarian Djs, organizers from Sofia Music Enterprises said. The main show inside the hall...

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Unique Coin Treasures Discovered

Four treasures of silver and copper coins were accepted in the National Historic Museum (NIM).

Two of these are silver and are the biggest of all Ivan Strazimir (Bulgarian tsar 1371-1396) treasures discovered by now. They were found by accident in the digging on a construction site and were immediately submitted to NIM.

The first coin treasure comes from the Vidin region and consists of 421 coins - early silver aspers of Ivan Strazimir, minted in the 60s and 70s of...

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Monument of Bulgarian Volunteers in Liberation War Opened in Sofia

A monument of the "opulchentsi" - the Bulgarian volunteer units who fought with the Russian Army against Ottoman Turkey in the Liberation War of 1877-78 - was opened in downtown Sofia 131 years after the fiercest battles at the Shipka Pass.

The monument is located behind the Military Club, and is a seven-meter high copy of the figure of the standard-bearer from the famous painting of Jaroslav Vesin "The Samara Flag" (1911).

The base of the monument is in the shape of a military cross,...

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NILE To Headline Bulgaria's MOST OF ALL EVIL Festival

USA technical death metal band NILE will headline the Most Of Evil Festival on 7th September at the Blue Box Hall in Sofia. The concert is a part of their first world tour. But NILE won't be alone:

18:45 - AMON DIN (Serbia)
19:30 - BELPHEGOR (Austria)
20:45 - GRAVE (Sweden)
22:00 - 23:30 - NILE

The gates open at 15:00. Fans of metal should prepere for a long night!

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Snoop Dogg in Sofia

One of the most charismatic players in the big hip-hop game will arrive in Sofia in his full gangster glamour. Snoop Dogg distinguishes with his inimitable style of rapping, and with his last several albums he succeeded to cement his place at the hip-hop scene, as well as in the world pop play lists.

The consert will be on 18th September in The Winter Palace of Sports in Sofia.

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German Gothic Metal Band Crematory to Thrill Bulgarian Fans

Germany's gothic metal band Crematory is to stage a concert in Sofia's Hristo Botev hall on September 27 as part of their European tour.

Their Bulgarian fans could already buy tickets for the event at the price of BGN 25, organizers announced.

Hyperborea and The Revenge Project will be the two bands that are to warm up the audience in the hours before Crematory appear at the stage.

Crematory was in Germany's city of Mannheim in 1991.

The band received its earliest recognition in the...

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The Brand New Heavies - Live in Sofia!

The London acid jazz formation The Brand New Heavies will have a concert in Sofia on September 17.

The concert is on the occasion of 7th birthday of Jazz FM Radio.

The legendary The Brand New Heavies are the first band on the Island to blow the London clubs with its modern music, that’s how they put a completely new start in the club culture.

The audience, which used to dance the funk music of the 70s fall sin love with the acid jazz and turns the Brand New...

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Gipsy Kings Back in Sofia!

The hot flamenco kings Gipsy Kings will have a concert in Hall 1 of National Palace of Culture on September 5, the organizers from Balkan Entertainment announced.
This time the Gipsy Kings will be leaded by the sensational Mario Reyes - member of the legendary family Reyes, which gave The Gipsy Kings to the world.

The roots of the family are part of the lively and uneasy gipsy society in South France. There were born the unbelievable musical talents of the Gypsy Kings and...

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