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Today is Sofia Day

News.bg, 17 Sept. 2007

On September 17 the Christian world honors the Holy martyrs Viara, Nadejda and Liubov (Faith, Hope and Love) and their mother - St. Sofia.
Legend says that in the first decades of II century, in Rome had lived a woman, named Sofia, that freely professed her faith in Cheeses Christ.

She brought up her three daughters - Viara, Nadejda and Liubov (Faith, Hope and Love) in trust in Christ too.

When the emperor by that time - Adrian understood about them decided to torture them until Sofia and her daughters denied from their faith.

The girls took horrible tortures and died after that, but never recant. Their mother had to watch all the girls' sufferings.

The church honors Sofia as martyr, because she was witness of the monstrous torments that her children were put under.

September 17 is announced for Bulgarian capital's holiday from 1992.

Today is also a name day for the people named after: Viara, Vera, Nadejda, Liubov, Liuba, Liubo, Sevda, Sofia.


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