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Lenny Kravitz-Live at Sofia!

News.bg, Jan 09, 2008

Rock star Lenny Kravitz arrives in Bulgaria on June, 27 for a concert on Academic stadium, announced the organizers Joker Media.
One of the biggest starts of world rock scene and winner of 4 ‘Grammi' awards will present his biggest hits for the Bulgarian audience.

The Sofia concert will be part of his world tour 'Get on the Bus with the Love Revolution Tour', which starts in the end of January from USA and will continue almost 2 years.

Along with absolute hits as 'Are You Gonna Go My Way', 'American Woman', 'If You Can't Say No', 'I Belong to You', 'Again', 'Rock and Roll Is Dead', Kravitz will present songs from his brand new album 'It is Time For A Love Revolution', which world premiere is February, 4, 2008.

The organizers let the concert tickets for sale in the same day.

First 1000 tickets will be on promotional price of 40 BGN (20 EUR), as the first 10 fans to who buy tickets for the concert will receive Kravitz's new CD as a present.

After the promotional ticket's exhaustion there price will be 50 BGN (25 EUR), and in the day of the concert ticket will be sold for 60 BGN (30 EUR).


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