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ParkLive Festival in Sofia


The second edition of ParkLive festival will take place on June 18 - 20, 2010 in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria.

The festival will be held at the park site of the Sofia Airport, Terminal 2.

1 day ticket, all stages – 45 BGN (23 EUR)
1 day ticket, J&B stage – 20 BGN (10 EUR)
Full festival ticket (18 – 20 June), all stages – 80 BGN (41 EUR)

ParkLive Festival Program:


Main Stage
Groove Armada, live
How not to open the second year of the festival with a big bang? On the first ParkLive night expect Groove Armada with a ten-person band and two vocalists.
This is their first concert in Bulgaria. The band gained world popularity with their outstanding kuve shows which can compete with the likes of the Chemical Brothers and Underworld. For their concert here, Groove Armada promise to blow our minds with their brand new album “Black Light”.

Babyface Clan, live
Seminal alternative band from the capital of Bulgaria. Babyface Clan have played with Stereo MC’s, Asian Dub Foundation, Molotov, Dead Kennedys, Sheep on Drugs, Transglobal Underground etc. Their album Romantica received a record number of local music award nominations.

DJ Cadik
DJ Cadik is a partner in crime of the godfather of the Hungarian electronic underground – DJ Palotai. With him they threw memorable events which started Cadik’s career as a sought-after party commander-in-chief at hiphop, drum-and-bass and downtempo events, as well as a producer.

J&B stage
3D DISCO – AV set
J&B® will tell their fans to START A PARTY once again, this time presenting something unheard-of in Bulgaria - the fans will see the first 3D DISCO™ party in Bulgaria.
The show must be seen with special 3D glasses which will be distributed to all who choose to party with J&B 3D DISCO™.
Developed in England, the 3D DISCO™ technology combines High Definition video with the best of contemporary club music. The result is a spectacular audio-visual show.

Adam Freeland – DJ set

The master DJ of big club nights, Adam Freeland is known for his unique mixing style blurring boundaries between electronic dance and rock music. He has visited most of the biggest clubs worldwide – from Ibiza, London’s Fabric where he is a resident DJ, to Singapour’s Souk. He has headlined most music festivals single or alongside Massive Attack, Justice, M.I.A., and Prodigy…


Main Stage
Gotan Project, live
French trio Gotan Project - creators of modern tango – will headline the second night (19 June) of the festival.
Inspired by the African roots of tango and Argentine folklore, as well as the urban feel of Buenos Aires, Gotan Project manage to preserve the sexy sound of tango and mix it with electronic instruments.

With their debut album of 2001 La Revancha del Tango, they brought tango to the dancehalls and made it a top pick among many popular DJs in Europe and the US.

The music of Gotan Project is often used in television and film. Their live performances are always accompanied by a visual show to match the mood.
Different, powerful and maverick is who Gotan Project are, even in the title. The well-familiar genre tan-go turns into go-tan borrowing from the Argentinian linguistic game of switching syllables for fun.

Bluba Lu, live
Bluba Lu is one of the oldest existing underground groups in Bulgaria. It was established in the early 90ies. The core of the band are Dimitar Paskalev and Konstantin Katsarski, although many different musicians have taken part in the group through the years. The band is popular from its presence in the first independent label in Bulgaria - Yellow music (together with Wikeda, Ostava and Animatsionerite), but after the separation of the organization, he creates his own sound-recording studio and realizes many self-dependent projects. Bluba Lu has five published albums.

J&B stage
Coldcut – Energy Union Show, AV set
The Energy Union show is a brand new Coldcut audiovisual production – a ground-breaking piece of VJ cinema about Intelligent Energy. The music is ‘Journeys by DJ’ style : a 21st century montage of kicking sounds drawn from many genres, woven together by the acknowledged Grandmasters of the eclectic electric mash-up.

Goldie, DJ set
The star that dragged drum&bass out of the underground and turned it into an international mainstream movement. Among the many achievements in his career, Goldie has had collaborative projects with artists such as 3D (Massive Attack), Sarah Gregory, Bjork, Neneh Cherry, Noel Gallagher, James Lavelle, and Nellee Hooper.

HMSU, DJ set
HMSU is the leading Bulgarian drum-and-bass formation. They are not only the most successful drum&bass DJs, but also organizers of numerous events and drum&bass parties in Bulgaria.


Main Stage
Morcheeba, live
Cult-like British triphoppers Morcheeba will headline the third night of the ParkLive festival on June 20th.
The fans have a chance to experience Morcheeba’s magical new album. Morcheeba will perform with their first vocalist – Skye. It is with Skye that Morcheeba gained world popularity in the mid-nineties and their first two  albums  “Who Can You Trust?” and “Big Calm” skyrocketed to sell over 6 million copies.
She has once again joined Paul and Ross Godfrey after a solo career of seven years. Their music combines Skye's velvety voice with a pop vibe.
Melancholy and lyrical, yet positive and energetic, Morcheeba will be a genuine treat for Bulgarian fans on the last night of the festival.

Beloslava, live
Beloslava is one of the most successful jazz and blues singers in Bulgaria. Her debut album “Ulici” (aka “Streets”) was released in 2001. Four years later (2005) came her second album - “Slushai me” (aka “Listen to me”), which leaded the music charts in Bulgaria for that period. Although her music is known as jazz/blues/R&B she also takes part in several songs of famous Bulgarian rap singers.

Phil Asher, DJ set - Electronic, beats and house music.

Singas Project, live
The Singas Project consists of four musicians and a talented vocalist. Nu jazz or old-school, triphop or louge, Singas Project perform remarkable live acts on most European festivals.

For more information and news check the official site of the festival: www.parklivefest.com


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