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Bulgaria Prepares for Trash Metal Gig with Metallica, Rammstein

Sofia News Agency

Some of the world’s most emblematic metal and rock bands including Metallica and Rammstein are going to perform in Bulgaria’s capital during the Sofia Rocks 2010 Sonisphere Festival.

The music event organized by Balkan Entertainment and Marcel Avram will take place on June 22-23, 2010, on the Vasil Levski Stadium in Sofia.

The teams of the top metal bands are arriving in the city on Friday in order to start building the stage, announced the organizers.

Top trash metal bands Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, and Anthrax will perform together on the first day of the Sofia Rocks fest.

The four groups have come together for the first time for a tour starting with a concert in Poland Thursday night which attracted 100 000 people, including 5 000 from the UK. Before coming to Bulgaria on June 22, the trash bands will rock Switzerland and the Czech Republic, and will also perform in Romania, Turkey, and Greece after their Sofia gig.

Only the Sofia concert, however, will be shot and shown live in movie theaters around the world, which is why the organizers are urging all Bulgarian fans to come together in order to contribute to an unforgettable music event.

The second day of the Sonisphere Festival will be no less exciting with emblematic German group Rammstein together with Manowar, Alice in Chains, and Stone Sour.


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