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4-th International Summer Meeting in Jelen Village near Sofia

information by trinoga.org

From 17th to 25th of July the Black Stone neighbourhood of Zhelen (a small village near the town of Svoge, 45 km from Sofia) will host a 9-day event "The 4-TH INTERNATIONAL SUMMER MEETING OF ‘TRINOGA’, ‘M.I.R’, AND ‘SUN-MOON’.

The focus and the key highlights will be put on important topics such as:
Eco-farming, environmental protection, natural medicine and preventive actions, adequate methods of education, variety of relationships, social and economic mutual aid, and lot of art events.

Key points of the program:
- Introduction of the activities of Trinoga, M.I.R, Sun-Moon and other similar ventures and initiatives;
- Practical training in different eco forms of the farming process, plants growing and flowering, collecting hay, breeding horses, etc. farming activities;
- Building an authentic oven for home-made bread;
- Recognition and relevant use and application of natural nutrition substances, herbal and healing plants;

- Outdoor common exercises and practices, breathing practices, eastern self-massaging combined with western traditions;
- Important issues related to survival skills – how to behave during natural disasters;
- Short seminars, demonstrations and discussions on variety of issues crucial for the future of the humanity, society and nature;
- Cultural, Musical and Art activities.

Food and accommodation: The basic form of offered accommodation is camping (exclusively on the designated for that purpose places).
Vegetative and dairy food products provided on daily basis in exchange of gift of 3 BGN (1.50 EUR).

The main creators and promoters are: Trinoga association, the M.I.R. project (Methods of Integral Realization) and the Sun-Moon bakery.

Participants will comprise members of ecological organizations, pedagogical specialists, psychologists, musicians and artists from the country and abroad.

Everybody is invited to join for free.

For more information: www.trinoga.org


Sofia 17/10/2012 21:07



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Properties in Sofia by Suprimmo.net