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Priest and Whitesnake to Rock Sofia with 80 Tons of Steel

novinite.com, 05 July 2011

Bulgarian capital Sofia is preparing for the massive Sofia Rocks festival Friday featuring as headliners heavy metal legislators Judas Priest with special guests rock icons Whitesnake.

Support comes from a varied array of bands in the mellower and heavier register of rock, from Mike & the Mechanics, to UK heavy metal veterans Saxon, to US glam rockers Slade.

80 tons of steel have already be brought for the 40 by 20 m stage that is being erected at the Balgarska Armiya (CSKA) Stadium in downtown Sofia.

Organizers Balkan Entertainment Company have announced that they have no limits set at the volume by local authorities and that audiences will be crushed by a 200 kW sound system and over 400 kW of light.

5 trucks are expected later on in the week for Judas Priest's lazer show, which has been massive on their current "Epitaph" tour, set to be the last big global tour of their decade-long career.

Sofia Rocks 2011 will take place July 8 at the Balkarska Armiya Stadium in the Borissova Gradina park in Sofia. Entry time is 1 pm, the show starts at 4 pm.


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Properties in Sofia by Suprimmo.net

Properties in Sofia by Suprimmo.net