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First Settlement For Extreme Sports

Maritsa daily

Read report from the first moutain biking championship in Bulgaria.

The first extreme sports settlement is now under construction in Sopot. It is located in close proximity to the first station of the “Nezabravka” ski-lift, only three kilometers away from the exit leading from Sopot to Sofia. Here the first wire city for adults is already completed. At some 100 meters from the city an artificial wall for climbing is being constructed, from whose tower one could come down through a cable car of the “trolley” type. The final of the first professional mountain-bike track is just nearby. The track descends for 1380 meters starting almost from the very ridge of Stara Planina.
At the moment mountain-board equipment is being delivered, the equipment being the same as the one for skate-board, only that the board is actually customized for mountain terrain.
In case you need adrenaline, don’t hesitate and head for Sopot. A major center of paraplanerism for several years, soon the city promises to become one of the most visited places by extreme emotions.
The European center for Extreme Sports is being built by the Russian “Center Region Group” which bought a few years ago the cable car “Nezabravka” together with the chalet at the very ridge of Stara Planina. The project for extreme sports city belongs to the company’s owner Havaj Mitunin, and the consultant is his compatriot Valentine Zubov. The works on all facilities has been assigned to the Dmitriy Gusev’s “Extreme Style”. Officially the city of the extreme sports is bound to open in the beginning of May, when the active extreme event season is scheduled to start. At the moment however separate parts of the strange city grow almost unnoticeably. In the thick pine-tree forest near the first station an elastic green net has been installed. It takes a total area of almost 4 decares and it has to ensure the safety of people who have ventured to live exciting moments. The wire city is also a place for team-building. In case you have at least 7-8 employees in your company you could bring them here to unite the team, to see how trust is forged between your employees, how people who used to work next to one another and used to play tricks on each other, come to change. The team-building is also rather suitable for companies having multiple offices, dispersed at different places and the employees from the different offices just don’t know each other.

Sopot is indeed becoming a centre for extreme sports. It all started with the paraplanerism, so we can reach to the point of creation of a European center for extreme sports. Havaj Mitunin brought this spirit of adventure to Sopot. But the connection between the Russian company and the municipality authorities is also very important, since every enterprise of ours has been backed by the mayor Veselin Lichev, explained Pepa Nankina.

But what is exactly is done in the wire city? Using rope ladders the participants must climb no less than 7,8 even 18 meters. Then they must proceed from one place to another walking on special planks, but you will not be able to do anything unless colleagues and friends help. Only with the assistance of someone else you may proceed from place to place, explained Pepa Nankina. Children may also decide to test their skills and endurance, as the facilities are well secured.
Besides there is also instructor, available for each extreme event, who gives instructions and watches closely for any danger. One could easily reach the team-building spot by following a path, and then coming down from the tower to a wall for rock climbing. The wall is 12 meters high and through the ladder inside, one could reach the tower.
If you find this insufficient to raise your adrenaline and to overcome the everyday stress, you could take the steep track down riding a bike, starting from the ridge of Stara Planina. Workers are currently fixing new obstacles on the track, which is almost 7 kilometers long. The starting point of the track is 4 meters wide and four mountain-bike fans may easily start off. The track at the final is already 8 meters wide.
Next is the zorbing. This is rolling downhill inside of a usually white, double-hulled sphere called a zorbus. This is usually not recommended for everyone since you need some training to get used to the rolling … it may prove useful if one day you fly in space for example. You want great excitement – mountain-board, paraplaners, tracking, mountain walks-with ski-sticks and helmet. Even if you don’t have this kind of training, you could still just watch, which would also help lift your adrenaline, said the people from “Center Region Group”.
For a full day of extreme emotions you would pay a mere 30 leva. Should you choose to spend there an hour or two for a start, the sum would be 10 leva. If you decide that you would like to stay for the next day, then you could spend the night in the “Nezabravka” chalet, which is also property of “Center Region Group”. But if you didn’t have enough of extreme emotions, you could request to be accommodated in a Mongol tent, having 2-3 plank-beds.

Read report from the first moutain biking championship in Bulgaria.



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