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"Shambhala" has Been Already Found

Lyubitsa Lukanova, info from Shambhala-travel.com

Prefer adventures to the beach? You are looking for lost lands and the calmness of the mythic Earth Heaven? Or may be the thing you need is just Bulgarian “Shambhala”?

What Bulgarian “Shambhala” looks like and what are the simularites and differences to the Himalayas Shambhala?

First of all – You can find it much easier. It is in the heart of Stara Planina Mountain, just near Sopot. Or more prcise - in the area of the European center for extreme sports and meditation “Shambhala”.
Second – The adventure starts with your arrival there. In fact it is the biggest extreme park in Bulgaria, taking more than 300sq. m.
Third – Relaxation comes from the anti stress effect of surmounting the different obstacles and the green wood around, not from hours long meditation.
Forth – Your body, not only your soul is roaming over the ground.

These are the possibilities you and your adventure sense have in “Shambhala”:
1. “Elevation town” – built at the height of 6 meters and with more than 20 different events.
2. The huge “Cube” – a labyrinth of nets at the height of 2m.
3. “Tarzan” – at the height of 12 m., giving one the chance to feel the moments of free downfall
4. Ladder climbing – 12m.
5. “Trolley bus” – descent on an aslant rope - 12m.
6. “Robinson” – going through obstacles – 4.5m.

“Shambhala” can be a challenge for everyone individually or a group provocation. The park is an excellent opportunity to test your power or to compete with friends. And the wood will give you extra strength, clearing your thoughts and spirit.

At the “Shambhala” adventure park you can also try:
- Zorbing;
- Paragliding club;
- Mountain bike;
- Mountain board.



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