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Location: Sopot is situated in the southern foothills of the Central Balkan Mountain Range. It is 136 km east of Sofia, and 63 km north of the district town Plovdiv. Sopot is a birthplace of Ivan Vazov, known as the patriarch of Bulgarian literature.

History: According to the records the settlement dates back from 1376. There was a fortress with a church, that’s why when the Ottoman invaders conquered the town, they called it “Byala Cherkva” (White Church). During the National Revival Period it was craftsmen centre. The Ottoman soldiers burned out the town during the Rissian – Turkish Liberation War in 1877 - 78.

Sightseeing: One of the most important landmarks in the town is the house museum of Ivan Vazov. The "Presentation of the Blessed Holly Virgin" Nunnery is very interesting too. It is situated in the centre of the town and it was built in 1665. The Apostle of the liberation Vasil Levski, had there sure asylum from the Ottoman authorities. The „St. Spas” Sopot Monastery is near the town just at the foot of the mountain. Dyado Stoqnov’s Water Mill is located next to the road to the lift Station. The Water Mill and the "Holly Virgin" Nunnery are described in the famous Vazov’s novel “Under the Yoke”. There are several restored houses from the Revival Period which are very interesting too.

Vicinities: The remains of Anevo Kale (fortress) and Sopot Kale (fortress) can be seen near the town. Sopot is starting point for many hiking routes in the Troyan part of Balkan Mountain Range. The region is excellent place for hiking, mountain biking, paraglidering and etc. There is a real extreme sports centre in Sopot located next to the lift station.

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