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2013/07/22 15:16:38

Ravadinovo fairytale castle attracts tourists near Sozopol

Ravadinovo fairytale castle - a medieval style building right off of the main road to Sozopol at Ravadinovo attracts the attention of all travelers. The castle is named "In Love with the Wind" - as it is erected at a place that collects all the breezes and thus provides a place to catch a breath of cool air even in the most intense heat.

Last December, the castle was prized with the special award of the Bulgarian Hotel and Restaurant Association for the fastest growing tourist attraction site...

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2012/01/02 16:08:51

Archaeologists Discovered Apollonia's Eastern Gate in Sozopol

Archaeologists made a breakthrough discovery in the ancient Black Sea town of Sozopol – they found the long-sought East Gate of Apollonia Pontica.

The precious discovery had been located underneath illegal shacks selling food and beverages in the center of the town. It will allow scientists to recover all fortification systems of the ancient city in their original state. This, in turn, will attract more tourists from the country and Europe.

After clearing the shacks, which invaded the...

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2011/08/18 15:09:03

Festival of Arts - Apollonia 2011 in Sozopol

Festival of Arts - Apollonia 2011 will take place from August 27th - September 5th 2011 in Sozopol Black Sea Resort in Bulgaria.

Here is The Program of the Festival.

The largest Bulgarian festival of the arts, Apollonia, began in 1984 as a friendly initiative among the regular visitors of the quiet sea resort Sozopol. Within their ranks were many musicians, artists,...

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2011/05/19 12:17:52

Temple of Goddess Demeter discovered in Sozopol

Ancient temple was discover at the cape Scamni in Sozopol. The archaeologists suggest it is the temple of the Greek goddess Demeter and her daughter Persephone. In the temple were found statues and antique vessels painted with the face of the Goddess Demeter.

The sanctuary is located near the medieval imperial monastery of St. Apostles and the 20 000 martyrs. Last week here was found a funeral of a man.


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2011/04/15 16:33:49

Sozopol celebrates the International Culture Memorials’ Preserving Day

Sozopol will celebrate for the first time in 2011 the International Culture Memorial’s Preserving Day on 18th of April.

The event will take place in the town under the theme Sozopol – Ancient Architecture and Archeological Reserve – Our Heritage and Proud.

The town is listed in the UNESCO world heritage site, since there are diverse culture memorials of national and world significance in that region.

The most interesting attraction in

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2011/03/23 18:24:58

Russians and Romanians visit Sozopol to see the holy remains of St. John the Baptist

There is a rise in the tourists who come from Russia, Romania and Ukraine to visit Sozopol in order to see the holy remains of St. John the Baptist, Tvoyat Den daily reported.

There are expectations of an increase in the tourist flow to Sozopol during the summer season 2011, due to the winter’s weekend bus trips made by travelers from Greece and even from Turkey, the president of the foundation Sozopol...

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The Winners of 'Bulgaria's Miracles' Contest are:

The award ceremony for the winners of the Bulgaria's Miracles contest was held on 09 March 2011.

The initiative belongs to the Bulgarian daily "Standart." The ceremony was held Wednesday evening at the National History Museum under the patronage of Prime Minister, Boyko Borisov. The guests included politicians, intellectuals and journalists.

Each of the 10 awarded miracles received financing in the amount of BGN 1 M while the cabinet announced its pledge to invest BGN 10 M each year in...

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Sozopol prepares for the summer season 2010

Sozopol Municipality is getting ready for the new summer season, announced the mayor of the town Panayot Reizi.

Numerous activities and events are being prepared to surprise tourists and make the resort even more attractive.

By the end of my all repairments of the streets, public lights and garden design should be completed.

The municipality will guarantee lifeguards on every beach in the resort, as tourists are already attracted by the sunny weather.

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New Attractions in Sozopol

Santa Marina Holiday Village in Sozopol announced the new attractions offered in the resort for the forthcoming holiday season.
The new entertainment centre includes water centre with lots of pools and entertainment for everyone. The complex also offers various sports facilities and an exciting animation program.
Special surprises and professional care are provided for your...

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A Prehistoric Boat Found at the Bottom of the Black Sea

A dug-out boat, most probably form the Prehistoric times, was found at the bottom of the Black Sea. The boat was discovered during fishing, 15 miles into the sea, east from "Maslen" Cape between Primorsko and Sozopol, BNR reports.

The boat is 2, 60 m in length and 0, 70 m in width. The prehistoric discovery was made by a fishing boat from Sozopol, Dimitar Nedkov, director of the Archaeology Museum specifies.

He says, that dug-out boats of that type, as well as all sea vessels, older than...

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