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Russians and Romanians visit Sozopol to see the holy remains of St. John the Baptist

tmbulgaria.com, 23.03.2011, 05:30 PM

There is a rise in the tourists who come from Russia, Romania and Ukraine to visit Sozopol in order to see the holy remains of St. John the Baptist, Tvoyat Den daily reported.

There are expectations of an increase in the tourist flow to Sozopol during the summer season 2011, due to the winter’s weekend bus trips made by travelers from Greece and even from Turkey, the president of the foundation Sozopol Kiril Arnaudski said.

The municipality has popularized the information about the discovery of the relics on all tourist fairs it has participated.

The holy remains of St. John the Baptist will be temporally kept in the church St. George until the reconstruction of the church St. St. Cyril and Methodius is being finished, which is not expected to happen until the start of the summer season.



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