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Festival of Arts - Apollonia 2011 in Sozopol

information by apollonia.bg

Festival of Arts - Apollonia 2011 will take place from August 27th - September 5th 2011 in Sozopol Black Sea Resort in Bulgaria.

Here is The Program of the Festival.

The largest Bulgarian festival of the arts, Apollonia, began in 1984 as a friendly initiative among the regular visitors of the quiet sea resort Sozopol. Within their ranks were many musicians, artists, theater folk, cinematographers and journalists. The crème of the crop from an era when the mind prevailed.

One of the most astounding facts that the first participants encountered is that at Apollonia artists are taken care of by other artists. And they really take care of all aspects of the festival - program, lodging and even daily necessities.

From the very first year of its existence, Apollonia established its own unique style. A resort festival that takes place at the end of the summer, where there are stages for every type of art, every genre and every form. Some are popular, others more difficult, with greater depth, even slightly elitist.

Back in 1984, between the 1st and 12th of September, the common boredom near the sea was annihilated. The festival presented 18 concerts, 8 plays, 4 ballet performances, 4 poetry readings, 8 art shows and 6 movie premiers. Over 50 documentaries and 60 animated movies were screened. Every single hall for every single event was filled beyond capacity...

For the past 27 years, Apollonia has been attended by almost all the brightest Bulgarian artists, culture fiends, experts and stars - many of them are regular visitors and participants.
In addition, Sozopol has provided the stage for the first steps for many young artists and performers.
Tradition prevails that the program for the evenings at the Amphitheatre must provide a wide spectrum of options that can satisfy an array of preferences and tastes. This tradition has never been broken.

Through the years the theatre playbill has included not only the best plays from the past season, but also brave experiments and authors who have tried to take the pulse of the audience regarding some of their more imaginative work.

First performed at the old church, and now at the Historical museum, the chamber music concerts have offered many timeless classics and contemporary works performed by stars and young talents alike. In the last few years these concerts showcase many young Bulgarians, who have earned their ranks abroad, but are still quite unknown to the Bulgarian audiences.

Traditionally, the literary program includes many premiers of books that are yet to be published.
The Art gallery located in the Old Town has become the home for one of the most popular events of the festival - "Play readings" - evenings when popular actors read unknown plays to the audience. And the gallery traditionally hosts different exhibitions from some of the brightest artists.

Late nights at the festival are reserved for the "UBB" Club where the jazz stage is located. There, Bulgaria's biggest stars and numerous, elite foreign guests can be heard in an intimate and inspiring atmosphere.

Starting this year the screenings of new Bulgarian movies can be seen at the "House of the Fleet". Some of the most acclaimed films and Bulgarian cinematic accomplishments have been played at the Apollonia screens throughout the years and the festival remains one of the prime outlets for viewing quality films from established and up and coming filmmakers.

For the past 27 years, Apollonia has been a celebration of art in all its forms.



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